And our own food

Yum yum, we both like eating an aweful lot!

We have a half plot allotment at the Spider Lane Allotments, which is plenty big enough to keep us busy for most of the year, and very well fed for a lot of it! Last year, with the garden at home (veg beds, raised beds and two 1/2 greenhouses) we hardly bought any veg at all. We still bought things like mushrooms and fruit such as bananas and oranges, but almost all our veg came from the allotment and garden. We tried this winter to keep the crops going, but all sowing stopped along with morning sickness and Ed working hard to look after me for three months! We did grow our first red cabbages and brussels sprouts, which we proudly ate on Christmas eve.

Back in the summer we were picking a basket of veg almost every other day. Our beans and courgettes went mad!

We had a wonderful salad crop (behind me to the right in the raised bed) that saved so much money, and grew tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

We won’t be growing aubergines or pak choi next year, the aubergine flowers never set and the pak choi bolted. We also probably wont grow swede again, just not worth the work, and not a favourite crop.

The stars of last year were the beans (all sorts, including runners, french, dwarf, borlotti and pinto), courgettes of course, raspberries even though the plants were young and the cucumbers. This year we plan to bring the more sensitive crops such as leeks (leek moth) close to the house in the garden and plant up the allotment with more raspberries and fruit canes.

Oh and get our sweetcorn sown in time. We placed an order from greenseeds and were very disappointed when the order appeared to have been forgotten, it arrived almost too late for certain things to be sown, and missing almost half the order. When we opened some seed packets we found only half the number of seeds stated on the pack (and yes we did count some of the tiny seeds too!). Not quite up to scratch.

We have saved lots of seeds from last year too…


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