Things we have made for us and friends and baby…

Emily says…

Spring is here and baby is kicking inside me, i seem to be making a hundred and one projects all at once! Here are some of my more recent ones:

Baby shoes: I used the pattern from , a blog full of wonderful ideas and free patterns. You can also upload your shoes on the flickr group! I used a scrap of yellow chamois leather for the sole but in retrospect it could do with being a little thicker for when baby starts to crawl/walk.

The fabric is cotton (lined and with interfacing) in lovely bright colours, which complement the chamois. The pattern cutting, interface ironing etc all takes a little time and patience but i am no sewing wizz and still managed just fine!

Also made for baby is this very simple crocheted vest in beautiful rainbow wool, triple crocheted so it’s not too thick and heavy, with lovely ceramic buttons on the shoulder. I just used a first size babygro as a size guide.


And this little romper suit is still being made. It started as a smock/vest, then got extended to have legs… and then i ran out of the beautiful soft baby alpaca wool that i was crocheting it with so i added the red bits in organic cotton (left over from the blanket that my mother knitted, see below!).

Once again it is crocheted by eye using a first size babygro for size.

The straps will have flat poppers at the back, nicely padded by the soft crocheting. I’ll also sew small poppers around the inside leg for easy nappy changing.

This is the big organic cotton blanket that my mother knitted for baby.

I sewed the pieces together with the same cotton and the added big decorative stitching.

The back is plain red knit.

And here are two bibs in different sizes, patterns from the internet, both made from a very old thin blue towel and some offcuts of cotton for the back. Also a nappy bag for washable nappies made from double layer shower curtain! And a lovley pair of mittens crocheted by mother:


This is the bunting mentioned below, all completed and ready to give away. I made some simillar for our baby, all it needs is the name adding when we finally meet him!

This is one of my most recent projects, a gift for a friend’s new baby boy. I wanted to make something a bit different from the usual booties/bib/cardigan and have a bit of a thing for bunting, so here it is!

 Sewn cotton triangles, turned inside out.

The bunting triangles pinned to folded over fabric tape. Then its simple to just sew along the whole length…

And here is the bunting made up, with contrasting colour letters making up the new arrival’s name!


Meet Mr Elephant!


He is a christmas present for my niece Florence who is 2 1/2  and is too small to read this blog and see what father christmas has got for her! He is made from a large felted sock with crocheted tusks and ears and button eyes. I was going to make a mrs Elephant for Florence’s big sister Rosy but the crocheted tusks are rather fiddly (embroidery cotton on a tiny crochet hook) that i gave up for now!

And instead i made these baby booties… from the eco wool…


One pair of teeny tiny ones for new born and one pair for a little older. Both a bit rustic and  very woolly and so will need to be worn over a baby gro, but lovely and warm. Slightly dodgy photos as i took them late after a long evening of crocheting and my good camera is broken. *

Ed and i are also making lots of christmas presents at the moment, busy thinking what we could make that people might really want and use. Got some jars of pickle and jam still that could go to a good home and making lots of artistic presents too… although we won’t post any up until after christmas of course!

* I am going to take my old good camera to Jessops to see if canon can fix it… it will cost £60 for them just to take a look at it and the camera only cost £250 about 4 years ago so some would think it would make more sense to simply buy the equivalent. But i think if it can be mended then it should, one less thing to go to landfill, and hopefully not so expensive for me too.

Here are my very attractive maternity tights! I got a bump fairly early on (probably water!) and couldn’t stand anything tight around my waist. I had bought two pairs of new tights/leggings that had a fashionably low waistband, designed it seemed to cut me in half! So i chopped off the waistband and sewed on the much larger, deeper waist section of two old pairs of tights. They come right up and over the bump.. who says being pregnant can’t be fashionable?!

(for some unfathomable reason my mother calls them passion killers…)

And i have been darning socks… and pants. Crazy life.

More to come soon (ie when we get round to it in about 3 months time!) about making a co-sleeper cot…


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