Not buying new in pregnancy…

We have high hopes that we can carry on living pretty much as we have been with part time work meaning both of us can share the childcare. I always dreamt of a relationship like this, rather than the traditional working dad and stay at home mum. We shall see how this works with my maternity pay.

What we have done and not done so far:

1.  I have however bought a pair of maternity dungarees from ebay which i am sure are the latest in fashion! People seem very keen to pass on their maternity clothes and i doubt i will have to buy much, even second hand.

2. EEEK i have bought something new! but it is underwear, yes some bras. They are very beautiful organic cotton from Peau Ethique, not your stereotypical plain organic bras at all! The only problem is they are nearly £20 each and i have bought four. yikes i’ll leave you to do the maths. they are very, very beautiful.

3. tights. i have bought some non organic, non fairtrade, high street shop tights. but i was getting desperate. in fact i didn’t need them at all, i have plenty of tights. but they are nice a warm… and probably made with pesticide ridden cotton, nasty dyes and child labour. It really is worth spending a bit more time and money finding the ethical choice.

4. I have bought some undyed british wool and made some booties, picture to come. and my mum is knitting a blanket from organic cotton. Both wool and the cotton came from the wonderful wool shop in Stroud on the London Road. A bit more expenive but cheaper than buying a ready made organic blanket and booties. and crocheting them distracted me from morning sickness just a little!

5. In Cheltenham for an eye test, i found that the Save the Children charity shop have a huge rail of beautiful, almost new 50p baby gros. i want to keep this a secret! we bought a few!

Right, on to some things we will probably have to buy new:

We are lucky enough to have been given lots of re-usable/washable nappies from my sister and and friend however we will still buy some disposable compostable ones for the first few days/weeks to ease us in to the whole thing!

We also thought we might buy new glass bottles if we need to bottle feed. Take a peek at

but we found one in a second hand shop in germany so hopefully might only need to buy the teats. And you never know, we may be lucky enough never to use bottles at all!

(for more information about why we are avoiding plastic bottles. It may seem like a faff to you, it may seem overly cautious and just too much hard work to search out these products, but if you have time to go to the nearest town and spend an hour in Mothercare then surely you have time to spend online buying a more eco friendly, ethical and healthier option?)

We have bought a new lambskin fleece. We bought this in Germany as it was a little cheaper than in the UK and although it is new it is from a fairly local source and bought from a small independant health shop.

We also will buy a forehead thermometer and a bath thermometer (although perhaps things we will find at an NCT sale/second hand shop).

now, that’s not so bad a shopping list is it? it gives me great pleasure to debunk the myth that having a baby is expensive and needs loads of new stuff.

Having a teenager however…!


3 Responses to Not buying new in pregnancy…

  1. Jenny says:

    All the stuff we are pressured into buying for babies is one of the biggest cons…up there with the ‘wedding industry’! There are very very few ‘must have’ essentials, and they can pretty much all be bought or acquired second hand. Interestingly, someone has written a very successful book about doing just this – more commercialism though???

  2. We have been given a few books along the lines of ‘recycle, reuse, don’t buy new’ etc and for us they are pretty useless as the advice is often basic and most people would come up with the answers if they spent a while thinking about it. Yes funny to buy a book to tell you how not to buy new things! However i do think these books are important for two reasons, one to inform people to whom this may all be new, and there are plenty. In our lovely emancipated middle class circles in Stroud we may think it’s all old hat but not everyone understands the issues. Secondly the fact that these books are being written and published is a positive one. The word needs to be spread somehow!
    I suppose writing a blog is a little like this, we assume that people will have a computer (very unethical and not very green machines!) and spend time staring at a screen using more electrical energy, to read something not entirely necessary. Let’s hope people find this blog at least a little interesting and inspiring!

  3. hannah says:

    Don’t buy nappies have loads of amazing oraganic bamboo ones at mums house! If you get the chance go and have a look, there is big drawer full of amazing clothes and all mini baby stuff. Also a tragetuch (whats that called?) I will also send with ma and pa the best carryer in the world – ergo baby. best thing i ever bought!

    best piece of advice – forget baby buggies!!!

    Love you both and miss you xxx

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