Stencilling my wedding dress underskirt!

I always dreamt of having a wedding dress with wildflowers growing up the bottom of the skirt… and here is how i made it:

I got inspiration from a wonderful book of flower drawings

And copied some of the paintings, transforming them into very simple line drawings that could be cut as stencils.

I then cut two stencils from old acetate/plastic folders, using a very sharp craft knife. one stencil was for the greens and one for the colourful flowers. separating the colours in this way means there is less chance for the paint to smudge into the wrong bit. Here is a detail of the finished skirt:

Which by the way started life as a cream bed sheet from a charity shop, made into a simple A-line skirt with a ribbon tie top and tulle underskirt.

very satisfying!


2 Responses to Stencilling my wedding dress underskirt!

  1. kim says:

    so beautifull!!

  2. Clare Sheridan says:


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