Things we have bought new (oops)


Things we have bought new in 2010 (that aren’t food, cosmetics, art materials, shoes or underwear):

1. Lovely rainbow wool, baby alpaca wool and felting wool. Zips and buttons. colourful cotton quarters for the bunting projects. (yes we most definitely could have found second hand fabric for this but ran out of patience. we are only human!)

2. A shower screen

3. A lambskin fleece for baby.


Things we have bought new in 2010 (that aren’t food, cosmetics, art materials, shoes or underwear). Here is the list. and i’m sure it will grow!

1. A plastic greenhouse from Wilkinsons. We were desperate this spring and had put up notices on freegle, asked friends etc for an old greenhouse or bits of one to no avail. so we bought this plastic one and almost immediately after we had put it up we heard from a friend who was getting rid of her glass greenhouse…! Sod’s law! so now we have two and they were both crammed full this summer.

A very proud Ed after putting up the greenhouses.

And the greenhouses in the summer.

 2. Tennis balls and bike bits for Ed.

3. A wedding shirt for Ed and wedding shoes for Emily

4. Fabric dye (Dylon, not very eco i suspect)

5. Tights! it is cold… and i can’t afford or justify £20 a pair for organic cotton. Do they count as underwear??

6. Ed’s bike

7. A christmas tree. Now i’m not sure this counts as we haven’t included plants so far, seeing as mostly we eat them. We ummed and ahhed about whether we should get a christmas tree or whether we should just have twigs like last year, but in the end we couldn’t resist. I think it is better than buying a fake one, especially as it is a pot grown tree rather than a potted tree and should therefore hopefully last a few years if we treat it well. We bought it and decorated it the next day!


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