Serious stuff: Our money

Emily writes…

hmm, this is a big one. Ed and I decided to be completely honest with this section, after all we have nothing to hide when i comes to what we earn and what we spend. It seems to be a very strange thing that talking about what you earn is such a taboo… perhaps for fear of being judged one way or the other. Well, doesn’t that come back to this strange idea of judging people and judging success based on what we earn and what we spend?

On that note here is a rough breakdown of our monthly earnings and outgoings, just to prove we don’t eat only organic meat because we are high earners!

Before maternity leave Emily earnt around £7500 net although now after returning to work on fewer hours it’s more like £5000. Ed earns around £12,000 net. We also get child benefit and working tax/child tax credits combined around £60 a week. This means at the moment we have:

Around £1600 per month net income.

Our monthly outgoings are:

£575 rent

£15 electricity on average through the year per month

£30 gas on average per month

£121 a month council tax 

£15 mobile phone a month for Emily

£20 contact lenses a month for Emily

£100 studio rent for Emily (yikes i am expensive!)

£45 studio rent for Ed

£ 18 a month for water

which totals something approaching £950…

and doesn’t leave much to play with each month (£650ish). but more than enough to pay for our travel, some disposable nappies for the nights for Rubio, for us to eat bloody good local, organic, delicous food. to eat out once in a while and to and buy ethical, eco friendly cosmetics and cleaning products. That works our at £162 a week… not much but enough!

Our favourite shampoo, Urtekram Camomile, perfect for blondies like us! And good for the environment too.

You see we really aren’t all that rich! ha ha. But funnily enough we have absolutely everything we want in terms of material wealth. We don’t generally buy new cds and dvds, new clothes, magazines or new things for the house because we can get them second hand which is more affordable and much more ethical. And we do have a lovely comfortable house with lots of soft comfy things and warmth… we don’t live in a shed!

And it’s not because we are terribly self-sacrificing and mean, it is truly because we don’t want anything more, we have everything we need and want, and so much more! If i need new clothes i get them mostly from a charity shop or ebay, if i want music i download from i-tunes or even better borrow it from friends. And because we magically found that we had everything we need to live, we also found we could work less and have more precious time together and doing the things we love.

there i go again…

Edward likes jess’ ladies organic milk… non homogenised!!

And we both love the scotch eggs!

Had an interesting chat to my brother-in-law Fran the other day about the idea that to save money you should give up the little things that all add up. But his arguement (and i think one echoed in a newspaper article) was that these little treats (like a coffee out in town etc) enrich our lives and make each day a little more special. Whereas it is the big things (new car, stereo, tv, kitchen) that really cost us, and that, because ony acquired sporadically, give us the least satisfaction and are perhaps actually the least needed!

You will often find Ed and myself eating out in the lovely Star Anise Cafe in Stroud 🙂


One Response to Serious stuff: Our money

  1. Jenny says:

    My husband? Arguing in favour of eating out?? Nooooo….

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