Long distance travel

It is becoming increasingly easy and affordable to travel long distances by train and other eco-friendly means.

seat 61 is our favourite website for train travel accross the world, it is truly inspiring and shows you everything you need to know about times, destinations, the actual journey and the accomodation available on board. http://www.seat61.com/

In Febuary this year we are taking Emily’s mother away on holiday with us to Cologne and then then further north in Germany to stay with emily’s wider family.

We booked our tickets through the rail Europe website and we feel we have done rather well. http://www.raileurope.com/index.html?doCountrySelector=1

The three of us will leave Stroud about 11am on the train to Paddington, booking in advance this has cost £10 each.

we will take the tube from paddington to st Pancras staition.

Our train will leave st pancras at about 2pm and arrive in cologne 5 1/2 hours later. Our hotel is then two minutes walk from Cologne staition. The cost of this train was £104 each return.

Given the comparable times and various costs and discomforts of flying this all seems reasonable. Besides on a train there are plenty of places to get away from your mother in-law!


Emily says…

We travel around the country quite a lot, for work and for pleasure. One of our favourite places to go in England is Porlock, although even we admit it takes a bit of effort to get there. We get the train from Stroud to Gloucester, then changes to taunton. From Taunton we get a bus to Minehead and then another bus to Porlock. It is a beautiful journey and we get to stop and have breakfast and lunch in different places!

Emily waiting for the bus in Minehead!

The journey takes around 5 hours but the last stretch from Minehead to Porlock is really beautiful, one trip we sat on the top of an open-top bus, travelling through wonderful rolling countryside. Booked in advance the train tickets are cheaper than petrol for the journey.


One journey i am not keen to repeat was a long distance coach trip from London to Laubach, mid Germany. After getting the train from Stroud to Paddington I spent 22 hours on a coach, overnight. It was absolutely fine, a bearable experience, but not in any way comparable to travelling by train. In a funny way the slowness of the coach was enjoyable, the different countries moved by gradually changing and i was able to prepare myself mentally for a strenuous two week artists residency. But physically it was terribly exhausting and uncomfortable. the highlight on the return journey was meeting a lovely German girl called Marion, we talked for most of the journey and watched the sun rise as we crossed the channel on the ferry, making the white cliffs of dover glow pink in the 4am light.


How we would like to live and travel, model courtesy of Ed’s mum for Christmas! It’s a shame neither of us have any idea about keeping horses…!


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