A summer summary…

Let’s get one thing clear, summer is not over! This is surely only a ‘halfway through summer summary’!

My contributions to this blog are waning as we continue on our ‘not buying new’ path. Living this way has become normal, no longer note-worthy. In other ways we have relaxed, perhaps we need to re-jig to get back in line! Others continue to inspire us and there is always more to do and ways of being more green, more ethical, more conscientious, more aware, more fruitful, rested and thoughtful.

But a few snapshots from our year so far.

P1060857 P1060877

Fixing the old dog cart as a climbing frame for Rubio

P1070065 P1070158

A 2nd birthday and another trip to Germany for mummy’s work, on the train as usual of course. No flying for me thank you! What could be more enjoyable for a two year old than a day on various high speed trains seeing the countryside change, racing up and down the carriages, hearing different languages and chatting to all the friendly folk in the seats around you?

Ed made a bit of a mistake when booking his ferry to Ireland in the spring and ended up flying. And it seems he will ‘have’ to fly to Sweden in the Autumn, or spend a whole week away. Sometimes this upsets me, but one person can not make decisions for another nor expect another to think the same way. It has been great being able to say that ‘we do not fly’, now it is a slightly more lonely ‘I do not fly’. But no matter how much I want to swim in Greek waters, I will not board that plane!

Photo0256 Photo0308

How gender neutral can you get? Benny the digger being taken for a walk in the buggy. The more aware of gender stereotyping in relation to Rubio I get, the more ridiculous the whole shebang becomes. Nothing is firing me up more right now than how the gender stereotyping pigeon-holes my little child – as yet unaware of what it ‘means’ to be a boy or a girl, or masculine of feminine – and has pigeon-holed, repressed and subjugated people all over the world.

And of course we remain carless. Although Rubio dreams of driving a big motorbike/tractor/rocket ship…


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non-new-stuff buying, recession proof, low earning, artist mum of one plus artist/naturopath husband. Who says green living is expensive?
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