weaving, hats and a bit of bother with braille

sally weavingJust finished my second Saturday weaving with wool under the experienced tutelage of artist Sally Hampson (right), in the wonderfully atmospheric ‘Weaving Shed’ on Stroud High Street.

More information on her work and courses at http://www.sva.org.uk/news/archive/2013/Weaving-shed.htm
I’m weaving a sample that may well end up in a piece for an exhibition in Germany in June, but the complications of translating braille into weave stumped me today, my fabric doesn’t so much speak words as just look a bit bobbly! Researching for the same piece led me to this fantastic hat pattern http://mushroomvillagers.wordpress.com/the-eddie-cap-tutorial/ which i may adapt and simplify.

eucalyptus_India_Flint And the weaving shed lunch breaks have proved very fruitful with people sharing their knowledge about all things (mainly all things textiles!). Elisabeth had led me to ecp-printing and the fabulous work of India Flint (eucalyptus prints left). Using natural, harmless mordants and plants, they create delicate prints. Elisabeth’s own examples reminded me of aged cotton, soft and faded, with some leaves surprisingly sharp and clear.

Ed and my new years resolution was once again to ‘not buy new’. But so far this year we have already bought two humane mouse traps for a little furry visitor (as yet untrapped and at large). We have also bought new shoes, although shoes were always on the borderline between ‘must only buy second hand’ and ‘can buy new if can’t find second hand’ (along with any baby safety gear and DIY bits and bobs!).

Back to figuring out how to get that braille working in weave…


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non-new-stuff buying, recession proof, low earning, artist mum of one plus artist/naturopath husband. Who says green living is expensive?
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