May and June 2012

Wowee what a few weeks we’ve had! Rubio turned one, i turned 30, we had our little teaparty to celebrate us three getting through the first year more or less in one piece…


I went back to work part time, Ed lectured in various places in England and in Ireland, we had the downstairs of our house repainted after the damp-proofing, my mum moved house, i had open studios and finally Rubio learnt to walk!

In the meantime we tried to keep on top of the weeds in the garden, sow things in the greenhouses and plant out in the allotment. We are preparing ourselves for two weeks in Germany next weekend, gathering our reserves of patience for a long day travelling on the train with a very active little boy! I am preparing myself for a two week artist residency once we are there and then once we are back straight into making site specific work for an outdoor exhibition at the Rococo Gardens in August I could go on but i’m making myself tired!

In May we bought new: a pair of fairtrade indian trousers from Ethos Kids for Rubio, a passport for Rubio, some rope for the hammock and some screws for the pergola that Ed is making (in our remaining free time, which is at night… by candle light… only joking!).

The garden was filled with bluebells in May, now replaced by strawberries and roses, and the huge honeysuckle threatening to completely cover our front door! To spoil this floral bouquet of an idyll slightly, the garden is completely overgrown with giant hogweed, bindweed and cleavers.

But that doesn’t stop our little boy getting mucky in the garden, making the most of the glorious weather with his nappy off! Or crawling into the greenhouse to explore… spot the baby!

We are very behind on the allotment, having only just put shallots, chard, beetroot and even some late broad beans in. But our runner beans are growing well. Rubio and i ate the first three strawberries last week!


About itiseasytobegreen

non-new-stuff buying, recession proof, low earning, artist mum of one plus artist/naturopath husband. Who says green living is expensive?
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2 Responses to May and June 2012

  1. wow, what a great year you’ve had. And so much packed into the last few months. Sounds like you’ve done a brilliant job of getting things growing and the photos of Rubio ‘helping’ are so lovely.
    Where did you get your hammock from? We want one for our allotment but have only seen thick canvas ones. One like yours would be ideal.
    Hope all goes well with your exhibition in Germany – happy travelling :o) x

    • Hi nic! Thank you! The hammock is from the mexican hamock company i think ed got it for me for my birthday last year. We looked at second hand ones but really wanted one that we an all get in and this one is huge enough for 5 people! They also sell ones that are more weather-proof, but none of them are cheap. The company seems to be fairly ethical. Loving your blog nic, your allotment looks great for people with a little tiddler! X

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