April 2012

Can you believe it, nearly a year has passed since our little boy was born? We are having a little family tea party as Rubio and I nearly share a birthday in May and it is a ‘big’ birthday for both of us! Like at our wedding we are asking our guests not to buy us presents but instead bring something to eat or drink, after all my theory is you can’t have too much cake! Although we haven’t bought Rubio any toys our living room is swiftly disappearing under toy mountain, lots of lovely things passed down and given to us. Rubio cdertainly doesn’t need or want anything (although crawling around with his cousins and eating a fruit bun will make his birthday pretty darn great!) and neither do I, we have so much, more than we know what to do with or know where to put. So we hope our guests don’t mind us asking not to buy us anything… all our reasons are here on the blog, from personal to ethical to environmental. I hope our guests see that what would make us really happy is to have our birthday wish granted… no new stuff!

A while ago i was reading another blog that mentioned eco friendly balloons, a coincidence as i had just bought a pack from the Stroud Valleys Project shop, for Rubio’s tea party. There was a comment by another blogger saying how this was all just ‘greenwash’, that even natural latex balloons could never be eco friendly due to the processes and dyes used to make them, also that they would take longer to biodegrade than the 6 months stated on the box. I’m of the belief that any step is better than none, that no new product is ever perfect in green terms.

After working with latex in mouldmaking for many years i am sure these balloons will biodegrade quickly, so after Rubio’s party i will pop then in the compost and see what happens… oh yes, there we are, the catch… of course they won’t biodegrade if just put into landfill will they? Just like ‘biodegradeable’ nappies that actually need to be put into a huge compost heap or wormery at the rate of about one a day tops. Not quite what the packaging says is it? Still, like i said, some improvements are better than none?


A newspaper pinata would be more  eco friendly than balloons i suppose, but Rubio loved his first balloon, until he got a little over-confident and tried to bite it and it had to be swiftly removed and deflated lest his razor sharp little teeth made it go POP!

After days of frustrated searching and attempted booking we fear our attempts to get to Germany in June, for an artist residency, have been foiled. Unable to travel the really cheap way by coach because of Rubio we looked at the lovely trains but tickets are far too expensive this year for some reason. £400 return to Giessen anyone? Seems all the (two per train perhaps?!) cheap tickets have sold, oh what to do, and why so expensive? Last month we had a perfect short break in Tenby, the trains were affordable and connections swift, apart from one long, cold delay on the outward journey that was eased by a large and friendly Columbian family sharing a bottle of wine! Slow travel most definitely has its perks…


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non-new-stuff buying, recession proof, low earning, artist mum of one plus artist/naturopath husband. Who says green living is expensive?
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