little cricketer

So i was thinking perhaps the spoon incident may point to two things 1. that i should worry less about the perfect spoon and just use the old plastic ones and 2. little dogs like pear baby porridge especially when nicely presented on a chewable spoon!!
Have forgiven Edward who maintains it was all because of Rubio’s amazinginly fast spin bowling. Daddy’s little cricketer.
Here’s daddy’s little cricketer in his mummy’s latest creation, those dungarees i mentioned before, made from a slightly felted cashmere jumper.

The sleeves became the legs with the cuffs working very well as the gathered trouser bottoms. The ‘crotch’ of the trousers is cut very long to allow for huge washable nappies. I used the roll neck as the ‘bib’ part of the dungarees and just folded it over so it is half the height, otherwise it looks rather like a boob-tube! The straps are rolled and sewn from lengths of the jumper front, secured with big sparkly buttons. The great thing about a slightly felted knit is that it doesn’t fray much, of and it’s super warm for wintry days.



About itiseasytobegreen

non-new-stuff buying, recession proof, low earning, artist mum of one plus artist/naturopath husband. Who says green living is expensive?
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2 Responses to little cricketer

  1. you’re a green and crafty genius Em!

    • why thank you, but you should see my dodgy sewing close up! planning to scour the charity shops for old holey jumpers they might throw out and make some more of these dungarees, perhaps with knee patches for crawlimg…

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