October 2011

We have officially given up on the allotment for this year! i was starting to find it heartbreaking going there once a week and seeing our lovely plants swamped by weeds and completely unloved. i realised what a big, BIG love (i could stop creating art before giving up gardening) i have for gardening and it seemed easier to leave the allotment to rest this autumn rather than get upset every time we tried to do any work there. Putting down roots for me has a completely literal meaning, i don’t mind moving around, i love travelling, but i miss a set, stable garden to tend through the seasons.
Frederick Leboyer, whose baby massage we do almost every morning, wrote ‘it takes a long time to grow a tree, as it takes a long time to grow a child’ (the book is upstairs, it’s something like that!).
If i have patience to wait for sown seeds to germinate, for seedlings to grow and mature, to harvest and overwinter then i can have faith that i can watch and support Rubio to grow without impatience, rush or competition.

What have we bought new this month? NOTHING! ha ha, he he!
It feels good, back on track and happily browsing ebay for second hand long sleeved bibs in eager anticipation for Rubio starting solids in the next months.

Here’s the chap in his rainbow crochet tank top

Making him a very snazzy pair of crawling dungarees for our cold draughty house. They are made from a lovely purple angora jumper that was slightly felted in the wash. I used the sleeves with ribbed cuffs for the legs and the roll neck for the ‘bib’ section. yet to make the straps and finish it all off, photo to come…


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non-new-stuff buying, recession proof, low earning, artist mum of one plus artist/naturopath husband. Who says green living is expensive?
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One Response to October 2011

  1. the great thing about gardening is that the seasons come and go and there’s always the opportunity to start again next year. I too shall be putting the allotment to bed shortly. I’ve had wonderful help from my parents this year but am now finding bending down too uncomfortable. The strawberry bed is choked by nettles and brambles, the weeds and the sprouting are competing for height and the fruit bed has been left to fend for itself for many a month now. It took me 5 years on the plot to realise that doing the work in the Autumn to get ahead for the Spring is a sensible way to garden. But this year I accept that no Autumn preparation isn’t the end of the world for the next growing year, just a little more work. And when you love gardening, well you’re never afraid of putting your back into it when it’s needed are you!

    Rubio looks very dapper in his lovely tank top. Have fun when he starts on solids x

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