September 2012

Right, first off the confession. We have bought a new fridge and a new freezer, the organic merino wool sleeping bag for Rubio, a new fleece for his crib… oh dear, what a spending spree!


(cue slightly gratuitous photo of cute baby. But he is lying on his new blue fleece from Mother Goose in Nailsworth)

In our defence the fridge is far more energy efficient than our ancient old one which used to ice up and didn’t seal completely any more. And the freezer is so we can plan meals better, freeze our excess harvest and make mini-meals for Rubio when he moved on to solids. And the sleeping bag? well i read how well wool is supposed to make babies sleep (stabilizes body temperature etc) and, well, that’s my only excuse!

September saw us travelling to Porlock, one of our favourite places and where Ed proposed to me last September. We usually camp but this year decided to book a self catering appartment… i think i prefer our tent! However with a baby we needed some luxuries such as running water, heating and rather more space than a tent could provide. We travelled to Porlock as we usually do (see the ‘long distance travel’) by 2 trains and 2 buses, and discovered that our little boy is (at the moment at least!) a born traveller. Magically we had two completely stress-free days travelling and towards the end of our week in Porlock our little boy graduated to front-facing in his sling!

Here we are in Minehead waiting for the bus.


About itiseasytobegreen

non-new-stuff buying, recession proof, low earning, artist mum of one plus artist/naturopath husband. Who says green living is expensive?
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One Response to September 2012

  1. happy, chilled out parents = happy, chilled out baby :o)
    Rubio looks very content and investing in a baby’s comfort and home life is not something to feel bad about.
    Glad you had a terrific first family holiday.

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