August 2011

Why does it always stop raining just as you get the washing inside?!


Rainy August… the weeds are growing. We rediscovered our strawberry patch at the allotment today, it had been hiding under some really nasty weeds.



Beautiful cosmos flowers in our garden. I like watching the cosmos grow!


My favourite blog, by lovely Nic who just happens to be pregnant! 


What other news? Rubio is 3 months old and like every year we have more plums and runner beans than we know what to do with. Usually we would make chutney and jam but  this year we have only just enough time and energy to keep the biggest weeds down and to eat what veg we harvest!


This is Rubio and Ed nearly a month ago.


This month i am pleased to report that we have not bought anything new… so far! We have joined the stroud food hub and hope to do an order soon…


This is a (terrible quality!) photo of a lovely old highchair that our friends Nick and Carol gave us, it belonged to their daughter Mathilda (and probably several others before!). When we got it it had been stored in their superdooper eco insulated loft and had gone rather damp and mouldy, but nothing that a good wash, sand and repaint didn’t sort out. It’s a very nifty old design that unfolds to a little table with wooden beads on either side!  We used the rest of our osmo eco friendly blue paint that we’d used for the front door and bench. Now all it needs is a bonny baby boy to sit in it…




We want to include some stories of Nick and Carol’s travels with Mathilda, tales of travelling with a baby, drying washable nappies on the back of a bike…and more of the like!




And finally,


My very clever godmother makes these amazing baby clothes from fabulous Liberty fabrics.


They are all hand made and sold in Cheltenham.


lucky Rubio has a jungle print all-in-one!


About itiseasytobegreen

non-new-stuff buying, recession proof, low earning, artist mum of one plus artist/naturopath husband. Who says green living is expensive?
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One Response to August 2011

  1. Rubio’s high chair is fab (but not quite as gorgeous as the little fella himself!).
    We’re on a major decluttering drive at the minute but also hope to be able to get buy without buying new things. We’ve been offered all sorts for when the baby comes (including from you) so fingers crossed.
    Thank you for such a lovely mention on your blog – I shall add you to my blogroll as your posts are also splendid :o)

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