July 2011

Thoughts about choices. ..

Ahh the joy of an exhibition with a new baby. My blood pressure may never be the same . again! Of course i could have chosen not to do this, more on that later!

Emily writes (with a sleepy Rubio on her lap)…

I’m exhibiting new work, as guest artist at Jamaica Street Studios, private view 21st July and open studios 23rd and 24th July. http://www.jamaicastreetartists.co.uk/ 

Nothing like a challenge eh?

Well, back to baby: the bamboo nappies haven’t really cut the mustard… seems like they have shrunk and got too hard. humph. we could take them to auntie jenny’s to tumble dry them to soften them up but they’re still going to be just a wee bit too small. I’ve bought some stuffables instead www.naturebabies.co.uk . not the most eco option (try wool nappies for that… but rather more expensive!) as they are made from micro-fibre, but at least they wont go into landfill and will last him until he’s 35lbs (whatever age that may be…).

Other than that we are chuntering along rather well (so we think) with not buying anything (else) new!

One thing having a baby does is remove your ability to make certain choices, you can no longer choose to say yes or no, you simply have to do what baby wants (if you follow baby-led parenting). For me that was the big shock: that at 3am, with no sleep, feeling and emotional, in searing pain, in tears because of the searing pain, and faced with a hungry baby, i couldn’t say ‘no, i’ve decided not to feed him’ i just had to do it.

So how hard are Ed and i making our lives by making choices to be greener? Because a lot of the time the green option is more time-consuming or difficult. Choosing not to use baby-wipes means getting a bowl, warm water and washing muslin squares, rather than reaching for the pack of wet-wipes.  We could say ‘i’m too tired, i can’t do it, i really have no choice but to use wipes/disposable nappies etc’. It made me think yesterday of one of the things i regularly hear people say, that they ‘have no choice but to drive a car’. I would find it much easier to hear the more honest ‘i just want to drive my car/fly to Greece’.

I believe, (in the main in this lucky, safe and prosperous country), that when it comes to your own life you almost always have a choice, it just might not be easy. For most of us (wealthy and privileged)  Britons pretending you ‘had no choice’ is lazy, dishonest and insulting to those who really don’t have a choice with how they live. The only time you really don’t have a choice is with your children’s basic needs.

So, what am i getting at here? Perhaps that when you are free to make a choice to do something ‘right’, even when it seems hard or time-consuming, it is made easier because you had the choice in the first place. And once you have made that decision and are committed, it’s the easiest thing in the world.

The link below  =  Object of desire… but it’s new!


And finally, from way back in April Ed and I went to visit the Royal Botanic gardens in Wales and had a wonderful time walking miles around the beautiful woodland, lakes and meadows. We especially loved the huge walled gardens where we found out what our allotment rhubard is and why it looks so different to everyone elses… we think that it’s a variety called Timperly Early and has much greener stems than most.

We also had a good nose around the children’s eco garden and admired the plastic bottle greenhouse and the bug hotel!

The greenhouse is made from hundreds of plastic bottles with the bottoms cut off, stacked on top of each other. The wall thickness (10cm) means that on a standard outer size greenhouse the inside space is reduced. It  was very hot inside even with the door open so it would need roof vents or even the whole roof panel lifting up.

The bug hotel.


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non-new-stuff buying, recession proof, low earning, artist mum of one plus artist/naturopath husband. Who says green living is expensive?
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One Response to July 2011

  1. ah the great reveal – ‘hello’ Rubio :o)
    You’re so right Emily – we always have a choice it’s just whether or not we prepared to stand by what we know to be right on the rocky road to life and the economics of decision making is always the toughest.

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