May/June 2011

Introducing… Rubio Henry John Joy! soon to be the focus of this blog as us new parents figure out whether or not we need to buy anything new for the little fellow.

Well, so far in the last two months we have had to buy a few things new. Actually no, we didn’t HAVE to, but we did anyway.
1. Two mesh bags for the washable nappy bin
2. New teats for the bottle for expressed milk
3. Thank you cards for Rubio’s lovely presents (our tiny amount of free time is now spent asleep rather than making people cards!)
4. disposable nappies and wipes (nature baby and moltex) for the nights and days we can’t face washables.
5. A big thermos flask for nappy changing.

So the bamboo nappies are great, simple and comfy but they need changing much more often than disposables. Drying them hasn’t been such a problem yet as we have so many and are using dispoables at night so they have time to dry. Using disposables has brought it home to us just how much rubbish is created by throwing out nappies and made us more determined to (slowly) use washables.
Using muslin and fleece squares and warm water instead of wet-wipes is not only much cheaper but it feels much nicer for Rubio’s little bum. We use the big thermos we bought to keep hot water ready in the bedroom for nighttime changes.
The nappy bag i made from an old shower curtain is coming in very handy for dirty nappies and wipes on the move… need to make another one… chance would be a fine thing!

The allotment is waist high in grass and rather weedy but we managed to get everything planted and sown despite a new baby. We have been harvesting broad beans, chard and the first mange-tout and peas. The garden is much the same – wild and weedy – but really quite lovely anyway. The strawberry plants under the plum trees are a surprise harvest as we thought we might have lost them under the ‘forest planting’ (read weeds!) but in fact they are thriving. Next year Rubio and I will have fun foraging for them in the undergrowth.



Our salad bed (looks like we’ll be eating lots of nasturtiums) and marvellous purple peas.


About itiseasytobegreen

non-new-stuff buying, recession proof, low earning, artist mum of one plus artist/naturopath husband. Who says green living is expensive?
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