February 2011

Well february has come and gone, a short month indeed. Ed and I had a wonderful trip to Germany on the train. We went with my mother who wasn’t too hot on the idea of a long train ride, but she was completely surprised and delighted with the journey and found it all very stress free. We stopped for food in St Pancras and also in Brussels which broke the journey up and made it even more enjoyable. The only downside was that on the way home we stumbled into tube rush hour from St Pancras back to Paddington, what a difference to the relaxed, comfortable Eurostar and Thalys trains! The whole journey took from 11 am (leaving Stroud at a very civilised hour!) to 9pm (getting into Cologne in time for a good meal just round the corner from our hotel and the main train station) but it was really enjoyable and we were never rushed or short of time. For each of the 3 legs of our journey we had booked seats (apart from the tube of course!).  We can’t recommend it enough, cheap, comfortable (especially for a pregnant woman… there was always plenty of room and i could move around and walk up and down the train if needed) and very very relaxed.

We are continuing to prepare for our imminent new arrival. We did buy something new in Germany, tut-tut… a beautiful soft sheepskin for the pram/pushchair. We hope it will become baby’s companion. Other than that we stocked up on Weleda baby cream as it is cheaper than in England and even managed to find a charity shop (they are rare in Germany) where we found a glass feeding bottle and an organic cotton snuggle toy. We have also bought many baby items in a wonderful second hand shop in Dursley called Little Rascals; babygros from 25p!

We continue to stick to our resolution not to buy anything new, but with some things it is really proving difficult. We have been looking for a double futon bed base for the last year and only yesterday did we finally hear or a friend getting rid of hers. We knew it would come to us in the end! Now all we need to find is a rigid shower screen, some white tiles, a banister hand rail or two… Otherwise we may have to bite the bullet and go to Homebase, pah!

Our potatoes from the Transition potato day are chitting nicely and the garden is waking up with every lengthening day. The garden is full of trays of strawberry plants that are waiting to be replanted in the allotment once we have dug in some compost and manure. And Finally i am coming to the last few weeks of work before maternity leave. We have seeds to sow and seeds to sort, beds to plan and a greenhouse to mend. 

We have finally got round to adding the recipes page  and the location information for Ed’s elderberry and hawthorn syrups, see the menu to the right… and go and make your own this autumn!

I am due to start working in the Museum in the Park’s secret walled garden. The sculpture group that i am part of, Quercus (www.studioquercus.wordpress.com), have been invited to be artists in residence for the whole of 2011, culminating in an exhibition in February 2012. www.museuminthepark.org.uk .

And coming soon; Edward’s paintings soon to be uploaded!


About itiseasytobegreen

non-new-stuff buying, recession proof, low earning, artist mum of one plus artist/naturopath husband. Who says green living is expensive?
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