January 2011

The start of a new year. And a new year’s resolution to add to last year’s (not buying anything new): To empty the compost every morning and sort the recycling more regularly! We had so much packaging over Christmas from things that were given to us, from food and wrapping paper that our kitchen started to look like a bomb site! What with a fridge that needed defrosting and the smelly pot of compost/kitchen waste it was fast becoming a health hazard so we had a blitz today and sorted it out, along with the promise of keeping it all much tidier.

21 weeks pregnant today and we are starting to accumulate baby things. We got a bit frazzled on Saturday after being given a car seat and travel crib by a colleague and then a whole load of things from my sister: washable nappies (plus a tutorial!), clothes, a crib, clothes airer for nappies (one of the ones that hangs from the ceiling) etc. But once everything was home and in its right place (ie stored away until it’s needed!) we felt a bit more normal. We talk over and over about not succumbing to pressure and advice from other people (well meaning as it is) as to how we go about this whole thing. We don’t want to be planning too much for three months time, enough to prepare us yes but i also want to be very much here in the now, feeling baby kick and taking the time to see things as they are this rainy cold January. We are determined to, and believe that we can, carry on doing the things we love like travelling and camping and not get caught up in the baby hype. Yes we are prepared for it to change our lives and i am savouring quiet moments completely alone doing nothing, knowing that come June they will be in short supply. But we have our lives, jobs etc as they are partially because it means we can accomodate change with very little being given up. We will see how it works, but because of our working hours we trust and hope we will be able to allow each other time alone and time to keep our jobs and art practice going at least after the first few months.

Right now we have just started thinking about the garden and allotment again, even though i have to keep reminding myself that it is still mid winter! Planted some forgotten bulbs today and potted on our little Christmas tree. We are excited about the Potato day, 5th Feb… http://stroudpotatoday.blogspot.com/

Hosted a Transition textiles group meeting at our last week, what a beautiful evening! We had some fantastic singing and guitar playing by Helen from Smoothee and some yummy biscuits made by kirstie. We nibbled and nattered and mended and clothes swapped until late. I passed on some clothes that no longer fitted and got a lovely grey pinstripe pinafore dress to fit over bump. http://www.transitionstroud.org/content/blogcategory/25/126/

A very happy evening, do come along to the next one even if you hate sewing, you can come just for the company and cake! Also Ed is going to learn how to crochet!


About itiseasytobegreen

non-new-stuff buying, recession proof, low earning, artist mum of one plus artist/naturopath husband. Who says green living is expensive?
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One Response to January 2011

  1. Big thanks for the Potato Day plug on your site – have added this site to my blog roll of Stroud blogs at http://ruscombegreen.blogspot.com

    Great to read about your wedding and all – huge congrats.

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